Big Brutus

Big Brutus is the musical project of singer-songwriter and guitarist, Sean Bryant. Ranging from earnest and heartfelt to abrasive and jarring, Big Brutus writes songs that challenge the listener to dig a little deeper.

Day 5

Sixty one miles today. Charlie Murphy died. I remember growing up and watching him on Chappelles Show. It’s weird how time is so fluid… that seems like ages ago. Even this morning seems like ages ago.

Sometimes I want to return to that childlike sense of wonder that I feel is slowly carved down by the winds of time. A few moments on this trip seemed to have captured that, but just like any feeling, they are a flash in the pan and then done. I’m gonna miss you Darkness.

While waiting on a drawbridge today I met a man named Jay who delivered chicken to fried chicken restaurants. He drove from Alabama, delivered his load, then stopped at the bridge to fish. He only had an hour before he started his trek home. I found him inspiring in that he would just take some time and live his life. What a nice guy… if you’re reading this, I hope you catch more fish on the other side of the inlet.

I get to stay with my sister and niece tonight right on the beach. I’m excited to see familiar faces and be surrounded by people who care about me. Remember that life is fleeting and to make due while you can. We’re all living on borrowed time.