Big Brutus

Big Brutus is the musical project of singer-songwriter and guitarist, Sean Bryant. Ranging from earnest and heartfelt to abrasive and jarring, Big Brutus writes songs that challenge the listener to dig a little deeper.

Day 9

Day 9?: Not sure anymore and too tired to look. Today was great. Got off the train at noon, repacked and did about 45 miles. In two days or so I should be able to hit D.C!

Got a mini cabin at a campsite for the night, and right next to me happens to be a fellow cyclist doing my exact same route south. We talked for a while and traded war stories, which was a fun change of pace. It’s nice to have someone for once to talk to about being out here. I believe he said his name was Jeremy. Thanks bud for the advice and hints about the elevation climb next.

Speaking of elevation, Florida in no way prepared me for my first day in VA. Yes, it’s still technically the south but man it got hilly fast. Had to walk a few of them if I am being honest.

All in all it’s been a great day and I’m gonna enjoy the rain here at this campsite now. Sweet dreams my pretties.