Big Brutus

Big Brutus is the musical project of singer-songwriter and guitarist, Sean Bryant. Ranging from earnest and heartfelt to abrasive and jarring, Big Brutus writes songs that challenge the listener to dig a little deeper.

Days 7-8

Day 7-8: Too tired after yesterday to post, but here we go!

I got to explore St. Augustine a bit before I left early yesterday morning, and sort of fell in love with the place. It is steeped in history (something I very much love to learn about), and also is the oldest city in the U.S. The Spanish architecture and Spanish moss hanging from the trees reminded me of Savannah a bit; it was truly a lovely place.

I chose my own route out of town for a more direct line into Jacksonville and about ten miles outside the city, I got my first flat. The first spare I put on somehow had a gash on the side of it, so I changed it a second time… while pumping up the second one, my bike pump broke the tip of the Presta valve and deflated the tire, so I had to change it a third time. After inflating the last one as much as I felt comfortable doing without repeating my disaster, I biked the last thirty five or so miles into town.

I got to do a phone interview with a lovely person named Corey from a blog called Indie Soul Media and then basically passed out. Too much time in the sun really did a number on me, and I decided to just call it.

It’s funny how malleable plans are. There was an old joke that went something along the lines of “How do you make God laugh?” The punchline was simple enough… make a plan.

So here I am on day 8, my last day in Florida. My route north is closed because of an unchecked forest fire on the Florida-Georgia line, so I am exploring the city for the day and then taking a train overnight into Richmond, where I will continue from there. I’ve biked the coast of Florida about 320 miles, and feel pretty good, even if my body is hurting and my hand can barely close. Considering I want to play music as long as possible, I am keeping an eye on it. I want to keep biking, but I’m tired of making God laugh. I suppose I’ll just see what happens next.