Big Brutus

Big Brutus is the musical project of singer-songwriter and guitarist, Sean Bryant. Ranging from earnest and heartfelt to abrasive and jarring, Big Brutus writes songs that challenge the listener to dig a little deeper.

Album: The Odd Willow is Out Now!

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“an ambitious record full of dense layers and myriad details that leap out at the listener like so many sparks from a flame” - Immersive Atlanta

“an album that will seep deeper into your veins with each listen” - OpenEars Music

“Big Brutus writes ambitious folk and rock music that is compelling and contemplative” -

Immersive Atlanta

“a heartfelt look into the depths of this life, and the ups and downs that come with it, by a songwriter and artist that’s mature beyond his years” - OpenEars Music

“a superb folk song. It’s a haunting sort of vibe on top an overly optimistic song. It’s a song that expresses a lot about my heart…For that I am really grateful…it sounds like joy to me” - Ear To The Ground on "Louise"

“Across 11 tracks shimmering with folksy guitar riffs and ambient softness, Bryant works through his ongoing obsession with mortality, shifting from feelings of wonder and appreciation to isolation and resignation” - Creative Loafing

“Big Brutus is so dreamy and plays gorgeous folk-inspired music with a dash of glitchyness and bit of a southern twang, but as soft and delicate as can be, you’ll be floating on air by the time he’s done with you” - ATL To Do

“this show was one of the first shows I’ve seen this year that gave me that “concert high” that makes live music so addicting” - OpenEars Music on "The Odd Willow" Release Show